About us

Aruku Science was founded by Mr. Mutsumi Usui in 2004.
He had over 20years of experience in importing and marketing scientific instruments
import trading company. (Abe Trading)
and over 12 years of experience in importing and marketing at a Japanese corporation of an American analytical instrument manufacturer.(Dionex)

At a trading company,
He has experience in marketing clinical biochemistry testing equipment, analytical equipment, bio-related equipment, and life science related equipment.

At an American analytical instrument manufacturer,
Experience promoting the establishment of a Japanese corporation, the construction
of a sales network, and the adoption of official legislation.

Based on his experience, we can support the following
*  Save your investment in the Japanese market.
*  You can start right away.
*  Increase your understanding of the Japanese market.

Japanese market

The Japanese market is unique.
Most are sold through distributors.
This meaning is the rate of selling directly to users is low.
Japan consists of 48 prefectures
There are over 600 distributors (stores) handling scientific instruments.

Japanese business practices differ between western and eastern Japan.
West Japan has a power source of 60hz and East Japan has a power source of 50hz.

Metropolitan area 30.6%, Kinki 16.0%, Tokai 12.9%,
these three occupies about 60% in Japanese GDP.

Market strategy

Strategy that matches the actual situation in Japan is important
We can support you create your market strategy.

Our support

We can provide the support you need.

Creating a market strategy
Creating a Marketing organization
Creating a sales network
Establishment of Japanese corporation
How to use the existing sales network
What you need for other marketing

Market development

We can advise on Japanese market development.
From more than 30 years of experience

Sales network

Utilization of existing sales network
There are about 50 trading companies that import scientific instruments.
We can recommend an import trading company that suits you.